August 9th, 2012
December 11th, 2011
November 1st, 2011

I am happy that I am alive but I feel like I don't deserve it because whatever I do, it's never enough for anybody.
Asketh - Anonymous

thats not true at all! maybe your parents/friends don’t show it but they are happy and appreciate everything you do! And make sure it is good enough for yourself. don’t do things to make others happy. 

dear Holly,I am going through a really hard time and I don't know what to do. Sometimes I feel like i don't deserve to live. I feel like within the past year I've turned into a very nasty, rude, mean, vicious monster. I feel like I am not nice to anyone anymore and I'm constantly bitter about everything. I feel ugly, both inside and out. My grandfather passed away in November and to be honest, I feel like it should have been me. I should have been the one who got cancer. He was such an innocent,
Asketh - Anonymous

don’t ever think about yourself that way. Take one step at a time. Start with tomorrow. try to be happy. Happy with yourself; happy that your alive and have the people you do. Tomorrow is a new day. Pretend like your past is gone nobody remembers any of it. Be the person you wish to see in the world. Don’t change for others and don’t let others change you. Just be yourself. Its only three words but it is one of the hardest things to do. Don’t follow other people. People will like you for who you are. But just remember to be happy for this moment, this moment is your life. and Live everyday as if it were your last! <3

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i’m sorry guys!!! I have been busy for so long and I was traveling this whole summer but I am back <3 ask me anything(:

dear holly, I like this guy but then he decided to go for my best friend. I don't know if my best friend likes him or not. what should i do?
Asketh - Anonymous

well you really need to talk to her. if it is bothering you, you can’t just drop it and pretend like the problem isn’t there when it is! so I say ask her what is happening and if she likes him or not. If you ignore it nothing is going to get solved xoxoxox holly

IM me on Yahoo Msngr it's important. my username is deborahmeliaHH121406
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okayy love <3

June 18th, 2011

Hey holly, i'm the girl you talked to about a month ago about a boy that she liked, that she had all 4 classes with - the one who wanted to dance with him at her sweet 16?

Anyway, this is what went down.
So i had my sweet 16 and he came, and i danced with him, and chilled and just overall had a good night (:
I caked him, and he caked me, and legit grabbed my face and we were 2 centimeters awayyyy. He gave me lots of hugs, and a hilarious carddd - and now he talks to me more in class.
SO my friend was talking to him about how much he was "wheeling" me, and basically he said he likes me..but hes still on the fence about his feelings.
What do i do now? I've somewhat got him...i think? HELP! :O
Asketh - Anonymous

okay so just take thing slow now! now you have him, and he likes you and you like him. Start talking to him a bit more and make sure things aren’t awkward!!! I HOPE YOU GUYS GO OUT! <3 love holly!

hey holly , so theres this guy, that.. i guess we have a complicated relationship ? hes my first kiss, and we liked each other in 6th grade . &hes asked me out before, but because stupid me, trying to play hard to get, always said no . cause at that time, he had a girlfriend already . &i didn't want to be the third wheel, although i already am . but then they broke up, and he asked me out again . &i still said no . then we kissed, and then the next day, if he was going to ask me out again, i wouldve said yes . but he was like grinding up against another girl, but i just decided to let it go . but then he asked her out instead, and she said yes . so im feeling stupid, and yeah . but then they broke up, and i see him every once in a while now . we always flirt with each other, and hes always touching me . ive always thought about us being in a relationship, but thats only cause of us flirting i guess ? &we dont even talk much . &he does this with a bunch of other girls too.. whoopie . we couldve gotten closer, but there was this close friend of mine, but is not really that close anymore, cause we had a MAJOR fight . &now she hangs out with him, making it even more awkward . i dont know what i should do . i mean, i shouldn't try or even think about him, because he does the same with other girls . but then every once in a while, i find myself thinking of him . its kinda been like this for 3 years now, aha . &he doesn't actually seem to care.. im stuck . i dont know what to do . a little bit of advice ? &im reaaaaaaaaally sorry for the long story .
Asketh - Anonymous

don’t be sorry I am here to help! I feel bad i haven’t been answering questions in a while! but this question I can help you with a lot. I have been in that EXACT situation. the only thing different is I said yes. I’m not going to lie to you, I do regret saying yes because we were bEST FRIENDS before that. We did everything together and then he asked me out in 8th grade and I said yes. So we went out and whatever and then ever since we broke up it was never the same. And now we hardly talk anymore. If you have liked him for this long why break up now? You are already losing your friendship so you don’t really have that much to lose if you go into a relationship. I say, start talking to him again. Call him text him, go to the movies something. And first start to get really close again. Don’t keep trying to play hard to get because sooner or later the guy is just going to give up trying. If you like him don’t be afraid to take a chance. ignore your friend that is all over him! Let me know what happens xoxoxoxo holly <3

March 2nd, 2011

Okay, so im the prego question! Last month, my period was a day late. which is NOT okay, because i am on birth control and its been on a scheduled day since ive been on it. and when i got it, it lasted one day, when it usually lasts three to four. Now, a month later.. i've gained wait, im always tired, im breaking out, and my legs are super achey. idk if im being paranoid. but yeah :x
Asketh - Anonymous

well when you go on birth control, you gain at least 20 pounds. So if that is one of your only symptoms then don’t jump to conclusions. Also, being tired could have something to do with your period. A lot of people seem to get tired. Maybe try a pregnancy test? let me know if you need anything. xoxo holly <3

well me and my ex are still seeing each other, going to each others for sex and talking all the time and we’re both super jealous incase the other one starts dating someone else. BUT there is this other girl who is his friend who he kissed a few times a few months ago and now she really likes him.
Basically she has said she can’t be his friend if me and him get back together and he doesnt want to lose either of us. I have no idea what to do if i was him because i wouldnt want to lose one of my friends either. He has said he has no feelings for her or anything she’s just a good friend
I dont know if i am supposed to keep trying to make me and him work or if im meant to walk away! :|
Asketh - Anonymous

Well either way you are going to be jealous if they go out if you want to admit it or not! and I don’t think he wants to lose you as a friend either! If you like him which i do from what you said, then I think you and himshould go out. But then again it all matters how you feel. would you really want to go out with him again? And do you really want her going out with him? I hope I helped! xoxoxox, Holllyyy <3

February 19th, 2011

I used to be in a relationship with a guy for 8 months, and we were "in love" and then suddenly we stopped talking, and their was no reason for it . I still cant stop thinking about him, but i dont think he feels the same way about me.
BUT theres another guy in my life who is madly in love with me, and im too scared to let him in, because i keep thinking that the other guy will come back.. help me :)
Asketh - Anonymous

alright well sometimes in life you don’t think about the what could happen and just go for it. Maybe, it won’t turn out as planned but sometimes if you don’t take chances in life you never know what could happen. Maybe if You let the new guy in then you will forget about the old one and just be happy!! it is worth a shot! good luck <3

February 9th, 2011

hey can you help me on what to get my girlfriend for valentine's day? :D
Asketh - Anonymous

okay again tell me a few things she likes and about how old are you! 

do you know anything about pregnancy or that stuff?
Asketh - Anonymous

let me know what you need help with(: